Noah T. Keck

[email protected]


Aspiring Computer Scientist with hands-on experience. Interested in software development, autonomous vehicles, machine learning, and applications of quantum computers.


August 2019 — May 2022

BA, Computer Science; Albion College (Albion, MI); GPA 3.78; Department GPA 3.88

Minor: Mathematics (Applied)

Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program

August 2015 — June 2019

High School Diploma; Lone Star High School (Frisco, TX)

STEM Endorsement; GPA 5.247; Rank 26/527


CIO of Building the Bridges Community Services ◆ June 2021 — Present

As the founding CIO of the organization, set up the internal IT infrastructure and solely developed their website, Worked heavily with a variety of common web technologies throughout this process, some of which include: Google Workspace, Docker, PHP, HTML, JS, CSS, and Ruby.

Student Programmer at Albion College ◆ September 2019 — April 2022

Developed a variety of applications and automation tools using a combination of Python and SQL for use of the Albion College IT Department. Project lead of a Slate to Banner database transfer automation.

Technical Experience

Open Source

– Worked closely with the AltStore project, a project that aims to provide an alternative App Store solution on iOS. Helped with API design and documentation. Developed the Python application AltSourceParser.

– Created the CheatBase project, a repository for properly storing and categorizing cheat codes written for retro games. Wrote Python scripts to convert the Sqlite OpenVGDB database for use in the CheatBase project and for project maintenance.

Programming Languages

Java: Various independent projects, including Minesweeper and a Sudoku Puzzle Generator, with both the algorithm and GUI to play.

Python: Worked on IT database automations, online web API usage, and general server scripting projects. Created a Slate to Banner database transfer and conversion automation.

HTML / CSS / JS: Designed complete website using common web technologies and Bootstrap v4. Wrote client-side JS that made dynamic website interactions using jQuery, AJAX, and more.

SQL*Plus: Large-scale IT database management and general usage. Wrote various SQL queries on a large database to collect requested data.

Additionally PHP, C/C++, MIPS assembly, C#, Swift, Ruby

Research and Development

Albion College Prentiss M. Brown Honors Thesis — April 2022

Algorithmic Solving and Generation of Three-Dimensional Sudoku Puzzles

Leadership and Extracurricular

Albion College Pep Band

  • Vice-president — 2020-2021
  • President — 2021-2022

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

  • Treasurer — 2020-2022
  • Secretary — 2021-2022

Kappa Kappa Psi Honorary Band Fraternity

  • Treasurer — 2021-2022

British Eighth Marching Band — 2019-2021

Albion College Symphonic Wind Ensemble — 2020-2022

Pi Rho Alpha Pre-Engineering Fraternity

  • Secretary — 2021

Awards and Honors

  • Ronald C. Fryxell Prize in Computer Science — April 2022
  • Music Department Faculty Commendation — April 2022
  • Dean’s List — All Semesters 2019-2022
  • Albion College Fellows — Spring 2022
  • Eagle Scout Rank — April 2019
  • Presidential Scholarship, Albion College — February 2019
  • Perfect Score on Computer Science AP Exam — May 2018
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