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My name is Noah Keck and I enjoy building computers and writing programs.

I have been programming since 2012, when I was 11 years old. I first programmed in MIT’s Scratch and LEGO Mindstorms using code blocks, from this I learned to think procedurally from an early age. I have since worked on several projects as an independent developer, including faithful recreation of Minesweeper and a Sudoku Generator of my own design written in Java. I built my first high-end PC in 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Since then I have continued learning about the intricacies of Windows, MacOS and Linux.

I am a -year-old graduate of Albion College, where I took a plethora of advanced Computer Science courses and I hope to continue learning more Computer Science in the future. I have always enjoyed computers to the fullest extent in both their software and hardware. I also actively practice and play the French Horn and Mellophone, enjoy playing video games (especially Nintendo!), and have competed with the Albion eSports team for League of Legends.


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